Personal Project (for Young Professionals)

Course Description

This course is a program for young professionals, aged 23-35 yrs (i.e. post university).

After adolescence, young people must undertake big decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Some topics and questions arise about: professional vocation, dating, marriage and the meaning of life.

Frequently there are situations where the young adult finds himself having to make decisions without having the essential criteria or the necessary knowledge to do so.

In this course, young participants analyse the reality they live in, they learn to find and discover the meaning of their own lives and thereby how to make relevant decisions.


  1. Life as a Personal Project
  2. Freedom, Responsibility and Engagement
  3. Family and Work
  4. Emotional Life and Emotional Intelligence
  5. Married Love
  6. Marital Communication
  7. The Transcendent Dimension of the Human Being