Adolescence (14 – 17 years)

Course Description

This course is for parents with children from 14 to 17 years old.

Between the conflicts and crises of this phase, many of the values transmitted by the family during infancy, begin now to be challenged but also be more deeply assimilated.

In this course, parents discover the value of their adolescent children and discover how to efficiently communicate in moments of crisis.

In addition, they will analyze the social tendencies that impact the development of their adolescent’s fragile personality.


  1. Crisis and the challenges of adolescence
  2. Discovering adolescent values
  3. Sexual awakening: effervescence and self-control
  4. Self-esteem and personal style
  5. Value of the image of the body: anorexia and other trends
  6. Authority. Models that go against the grain
  7. Adolescent partying
  8. Religion and the intimacy of the person
  9. Leisure, free time and freedom
  10. The family project