Coronaschool 101

Case study to help parents survive this pandemic!

  • Step 1: Watch introduction video with Gillian Roussy, president of Family Development Canada here:

  • Step 2: Parents should read the Coronaschool 101 case study and technical note.  There is also a worksheet that can be used for taking notes about the facts, problems and potential solutions that you see in this case study.


Appendix to Temperaments

  • Step 3: (Optional) Organize a virtual get-together with friends to discuss this case and how you’re all dealing with the situation at hand.
  • Step 4: Take a look at the Summary of Facts and the Summary of Problems & Potential Solutions that have been brought forth by couples from across Canada. Watch a video of Gillian Roussy giving an 18-minute wrap-up talk about the case & strategies to survive! You can also read the two handouts on Discipline provided by author Ronald Morrish


Additional Resources (Ron Morrish)


FDC is trying a different format for this case, so that it can help parents across the country during these challenging times. Couples will be participating from all major cities, but each one can do so at a convenient time for them.  We hope you enjoy this experience and learn some helpful information for your family!

We want to thank the team who prepared this case & technical note: Beth Garcia (professional mom), Gillian Roussy (teacher), Paddy Dupuis (editor), Dr. Kathleen Lalande (psychologist), and Dr. Tim Lau (psychiatrist). They are all experienced parents, moderators and professionals.